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Three Things to Look into If You Want to Improve Your Christianity

Christianity is the state of being in Jesus Christ. This means to say that when you know Jesus Christ and have accepted him as your personal and only savior, you are a Christian. But living the life from day to day since that very moment you believed in Jesus Christ and recognized his saving work in the cross of Calvary is never easy. There are struggles, temptations and trials lying in the way. If you have the desire to improve your Christianity and become someone whom the bible wants you to be, then this article is for you. Below, there are three things that will be disclosed which, as already said, can help you in achieving a more fulfilling Christian walk. Please read on.

Three Things to Look into If You Want to Improve Your Christianity

1. Bible

The words of God are your spiritual food while living in this world. Apart from the Bible, there is no way your spiritual life will grow. Seeing that it is the food for your spirit, not making the scriptures a part of your daily or not minding it at all will make your spirituality languish, jus as your physical body would when you give it no food or drink for a long time. The Bible is a complete book – you will find in there everything that you need to know about God and his will in your life. Make reading it your daily activity. Do not just open your Bible when you have nothing else to do, do not make it as a reserve tire. Instead, encourage yourself to read and contemplate on the very words of God on a daily basis. In time, you will find yourself growing as a Christian.

2. Prayer

Next thing that you would expect to be taught of when you want to grow as a Christian is prayer. Yes, you need to pray everyday or much more frequent than that. While reading the holy scriptures give you inputs of what is inside the mind of God, what is his will, and what you must do, prayer is pushing in the opposite direction. It is your communication to God, where you let your heavenly Father know what is in your mind and what is in your heart. While God does know everything that is in you even before you say it, nothing beats doing the effort to reach out to God in your private prayer. God is a prayer listening and a prayer answering God. If you maintain a prayerful life, you will eventually find yourself in a much closer relationship with God, your creator.

3. Fellowship

Your fellow Christians are your support mechanism in the Christian. Do not see them as stumbling blocks or source of discourage and other like negative emotions. Make friends with them, communicate with them, and fellowship with them. That way, you can build a godly circle that would be a helpful tool in your growth being a child of God.

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